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Protect the Home while Saving Money

When the time comes, it is wise to replace your roof with metal roofing. The benefits range from saving money all year around to making more money when the house sells. Metal is manufactured with high-quality layers that last up to three times longer than the traditional shingle roof found on many homes. It withstands the elements and is energy-efficient.

Insurance Rates

In addition to metal roofing saving money on utility bills, many insurance companies offer lower premiums to homeowners with a metal roof. These roofs are designed and manufactured to resist high winds, heavy snow, hail, and torrential rains. Storm damage is likely to be minimal which reduces insurance claims. Premiums are calculated based on risk of potential payouts, so the durability of metal roofs backed by lifetime and transferable warranties impact the quote to favor the homeowner.


If the first image that comes to mind when thinking about a metal roof is a dull and utilitarian one seen old sheds and shanties, think again. Modern roofs are available in beautiful styles that resemble the most popular residential choices without the high cost. Wood shake, typically found on upscale homes, is mimicked by metal. The elegant appearance of terracotta is also an option. Those who like the charming old-fashioned look of shingles can keep that style without the drawbacks of individual shingles.

Selecting a Company

Metal roofs are manufactured by many companies. Deciding on which one to select will dictate the look, the installation quality, and the length of the warranty. A company experienced in design, manufacturing, and installing, such as Erie Metal Roofs, will be able to provide comprehensive services from measurements and quotes to finishing touches and flashing. Products are made and assembled in the USA and installers are factory-trained for quality assurance.

Return on the Investment

Many home improvements provide high returns on the initial investment. The improvement of adding a metal roof is such a project. Compare repair costs, utility bills, maintenance, insurance premiums, and the value of the house now with those estimated costs when a new metal roof is installed. Keep in mind the difference in a potential asking price should the house go on the market and determine just how high that return can climb.

Many owners enjoy a full return within five to seven years. Considering that many shingle roofs require major repairs every five to seven years and the potential return on that investment becomes clear. Request a quote, view the styles and colors offered, and ask about the warranty when shopping for a new roof.